Mercedes-Benz India has become the only luxury car company in India to clock over 13,000 units in domestic sales.





Mercedes-Benz India has totted up its noteworthy ever sales in the Indian luxury automobile business market alongside its greatest month, best quarter and best fiscal ever.

Mercedes-Benz closed 2015-16 Fiscal Year, selling 13,558 units between April 2015 and March 2016, up 21% from the April 2014 to March 2015 tally of 11,213 units.

The company likewise clocked its best ever quarter with 3,622 units sold in January to March 2016 period, up 1.6% from the past best quarter — January to March 2015 — when it sold 3,566 units.

Its performance not just keeps Mercedes-Benz at the highest point in the luxury car market but also additionally makes it the only luxury car brand to clock 13,500 units in both the calendar and fiscal year.

Company authorities said this performance comes regardless the diesel engine confinements in the Delhi-NCR region which is likewise the greatest automobile and luxury automobile market in India.

Roland Folger, managing director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India, said: “It is a significant achievement for us, as we have maintained our growth momentum in Q1 2016, despite facing multiple market challenges. We have been able to compensate the negative sales impact in the Delhi and NCR market, with a strong double-digit growth achieved in most other markets across the country.”


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