My Mercedes. My Service. Ensuring complete peace of mind.

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My Mercedes My Service or contact Shaman Wheels Mercedes-Benz Mumbai on >

The best or nothing. This statement conveys how Mercedes-Benz  aims to develop and build highly alluring, top-class vehicles. The same passion, promise and responsibility apply to the Mercedes-Benz Service as well. The bouquet of world-class After-Sales products will not only attend to every need of your Star but will also redefine the concept of ownership experience with a focus on providing end-to-end customer delight. After all, your Star deserves nothing less than a star treatment.


The service bouquet includes:

STAR Ease maintenance packages is a service with a defined maintenance cost and comes with a range of exclusive features. On-Road Assistance provides round-the-clock support across the country.

STAR CARE Plus provides an extended warranty for less than 1% of the cost of the Star. Digital Service Drive is a hassle-free service based on a digital platform and provides freedom to get your car serviced at the click of a button. Premier Express is another innovative service that ensures your Star is taken care of without any delays, in a minimum time.

With such customer-friendly services, it’s not surprising that J.D. Power’s Customer Index ranked Mercedes-Benz as the No.1 among luxury brand in terms of customer satisfaction in India, and that too for two years in a row. What’s more, thanks to ‘One Call, All Answers’ any service related information is now just a call away on 1800 102 9222. Now don’t just enjoy luxury, experience complete peace of mind too.

The powerful and exquisitely crafted Mercedes-Benz engine deserves an oil that is engineered in the same way. So, choose our Genuine Oil and opt for extended engine life and reduced friction. #MyMercedesMyService


Check real-time availability & book your appointment instantly with Real-Time Service Booking. #MyMercedesMyService 

My Mercedes My Service or contact Shaman Wheels Mercedes-Benz Mumbai on >


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